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Foggy Forest

A Sustainable Ethos

At Nicholson House one of our core values is being "earth-minded."

The sensual guest experience curated at Nicholson House is a design philosophy deeply enmeshed in sustainability and the acute environmental concerns of both our time and our specific region.

We choose true antiques and refurbished vintage pieces wherever possible, have upcycled hard-finishes, and have optimized a reduced water usage plan across the property. From local, hand-crafted, custom cabinetry to premium, all-California-made Premasleep luxury mattresses,

our goal is to create sumptuous spaces with supreme comfort and charm, yet minimal environmental impact.

Mustard Flowers

Precious Water

The Nicholson House garden was completely redesigned with drought tolerant planting throughout the landscape. We only hand water and use drip irrigation, no sprinkler systems. The small baths in the main house were converted to include lush, tiled showers, complete with heated floors, and low flush toilets. We also invite guests to be mindful of towel usage in an effort to conserve unnecessary laundry loads.


Zero Plastic Waste

Real glassware in guest rooms is not just chic, it's earth-minded! Nicholson House guest rooms are free of one-use plastic and mini toiletries. We consciously choose to offer only reusable containers and minimal bath product amenities in an effort to reduce waste. Reuse -- the first of the three Rs! Over 70% of our decor is vintage, including one-of-a-kind antique pieces, restored relics, and authentic French impressionist art from the 1800s.

Winding Road

EV Chargers

coming soon....


As a remote destination, we are aware of the gas used to get here by car. Property plans include two EV chargers on-site by 2023 to encourage easy guest travel to Mendocino by electric vehicle!


Stay here. Charge here. That simple.

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