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Stone Tower

A Contactless Guest Experience

The contactless guest journey at Nicholson House allows you

the freedom to have as much or as little interaction as suits your holiday.

Checking-in late, and no one is available -- No problem.

Your room key code is already emailed to you!

Prone to losing your hotels key -- you can't when it lives in your email.

We offer a hospitality solution that gives you all the fun, without the fuss.

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Check-in & Check-out

Here at Nicholson House, your stay can be as social or private as you like.

Want to get great local tips and meet new people? Join us at the Waiting Room.

Feeling tired after a long drive, and just want to get into your room without the hassle of check-in? Perfect, that's just how we do it!

Every interaction you have during your stay at Nicholson House is completely on your terms. No in-person process to get into your room, no unnecessary paperwork, and no need to "check-out." We have you covered from the time you book, to your receipt and a farewell salutation after your departure. 

Hotel Room Keys

Room Access

Enter your room easily and securely with the punch of a button. No keys to keep track of and no downloads necessary!

On the day of arrival, your room access code is enabled and your room is ready and waiting for you at check-in time.

You can check-in via the VIP Guest Portal link in your email or simply by using your door code the first time – it’s that easy!

We have you covered on security, too. Your room key code will be uniquely generated for your stay in your room only, and you can lock the door by pressing any key, though we also have auto-lock timers installed on all doors, just in case.


A Text Away

Sure, no front desk sounds fine, until you need something, right?!

The VIP Guest Portal has you covered.

Your Nicholson House check-in email links you directly to our guest portal -- again no downloads needed!

The web-based guest portal connects you with real time texting capability for all your in-room needs and more. Here, you can also find detailed information about activities in the area, learn about special events, view menus and make dinner reservations at Café Beaujolais!

Don't forget, you also have the Waiting Room just next door if you are more of an in-person traveler.

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