Nicholson House Inn
Russian Rose
Russian Rose
1-Bedroom with Private Bath

Mendocino is surrounded by beautiful blue skies and green forests all year round.  Taking a walk through the many forests in the area is always an enchanting experience.  This room has eastern views of the forests surrounding Mendocino and to the canyons of Big River.  It's a great place to eperience the sparke of the morning sun as the night turns to day and the amber colors of sunset on the forest as day turns to night.  . The room is upstairs and part of the Enchanted Forest suite with an adjoining door. 

The room is elegantly decorated in a red and beige motif with rich interior furnishings and wall paper.  The room has undergone a recent remodel with new heaters, bathroom fixtures, carpet, curtains and wall paper.   While in your room, you can relax in our plush swivel chair and enjoy the view of the, forests and the Cafe Beaujolais. Extra thick queen sizeded mattress, goose down pillows, goose feather bed padding, 500 count sheets and fleece blakets are there to assure a comfortable nights rest. 

This part of the United States used to belong to Russia.  Russia is also famous for roses so to honor this it became the Russian Rose room.  The art work in this room is all hand made and from Russia and were personally aquired by me.

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