Nicholson House Inn
Rural Realities
The Mendocino Coast is an easy-going, rural area; low tech and loving it. That's why city folks flock here in search of tranquility and lower blood pressures. For the occasional visitors, there's always a bit of adjustment to be made as they slow down and get into sync with our less hectic way of doing things. With that said, we offer new comers this rural reality check. TV Reception: There is no over-the-air television reception available on the North Coast.  We do have a satellite dish and cable hooked up to the TV in the Hospitality room and the two suites so you should be able to get most programs and sporting events.  There is also a DVD player in the suites if you would like to view a movie  We also have our own small library of movies you are welcome to view.

Bugs: Several varieties of ticks call the coast home. They live in tall grass and underbrush. If you walk through such areas, be sure to check yourself, and your pets, before you enter the inn.  Otherwise you may bring them in with you.  Fleas also tend to come in, especially in the fall and the summer.  Our units are routinely checked and treated for ants, spiders, sow bugs and other pests.  Be advised they can come a creeping anytime during your stay but very rarely.  If they do, call us and we'll ride to the rescue. Septic System: Our sewer is connected to the public sewage system.  Plumbing at the inn is mostly all new but we ask that you recognize that it is a delicate system, prone to clog and backup when not properly used.  Not a pretty picture at 2:00 A.M. on the first night of your honeymoon. To protect the plumbing system, we ask that you put only bathroom tissue in the toilet.  Kleenex, sanitary napkins, tampons, and cotton swabs can cause major septic failures.  In the kitchen, please don't put coffee grounds or grease in the sink.

Internet Access:  We do have Free Wi-Fi service at the inn.  You can use this to access the internet or check your email.  If you need the service, just ask for the password.  We try out best to get good reception but we are limited to what Comcast provides us.  Most of the time it is fine but there are times when it is slow.  We have boosters in the main building but sometimes it is still difficult.  If you cannot get a connection, try coming over to the office and connecting there.  Often that takes care of it and you'll be connected when you get back to your room.
Neighbors: Neighbors are sensitive about trespassing. To help us maintain positive neighborhood relations, please stay on beach paths, close gates, avoid littering, and supervise children in route to and from access areas.

Water Conservation: The Mendocino Coast is water poor.  The last few years we have had a drought with only about 1/2 to 1/3 our normal water.  All the water in Mendocino comes from ground wells so rainfall is very important.  Wells can fail at any time, without warning.  If that happens, we can obtain additional water and restore service, but that can take time. To avoid the inconvenience of waiting for the water wagon or priming the pump, we urge guests to conserve every drop of water they possibly can.  We do have a water storage tank and rarely run out of water.  Occasionally in the summer during busy times the water runs low.  Occasionally, a pump or some other system may fail and needs to be restarted.  Don't take long showers and don't flush toilets more than necessary.  If the water does go out, be sure to turn off all faucets.  Trying to pressurize the water system with a faucet open is like trying to blow up a balloon with a hole in it.