Nicholson House Inn
Pet Policies
Pet Policy and Responsibility

Well behaved pets are always welcome at the Nicholson House Inn.  You are welcome to bring as many as two pets with you.  There are, however, a few things and some responsibilities that Pet Parents need to be aware of.

1.    The village of Mendocino is within the jurisdiction of the County of Mendocino and adheres to County Ordinances related to animal control.  These ordinances, in part, indicate that dogs must be on a leash when in public.  When you take your dog for a walk, please adhere to this policy.

2.    There are many dogs that live locally within the village and around the town.  Please do not do anything that will antagonize other dogs, cause fights or promote aggressive behavior.  Dogs are territorial so please respect that.

3.    Many of our beds have thousands of dollars worth of bedding for your comfort and the comfort of others.  No type of pets are not allowed in or on any beds. 

4.    All pets shall have appropriate immunizations or shots as required by your local animal control ordinances.  All pets shall be flea protected prior to arrival.

5.    Pets are allowed only in specific rooms as long as they are well behaved, do not make excessive noises and do not damage any of the contents of the rooms.  Pets that are a problem should be removed and placed elsewhere, outside the inn.

6.    Pets shall be walked as needed to minimize any interior accidental messes.  The owner shall be responsible for any and all time and materials that are needed for clean up that may be necessary.

7.    Please avoid any confrontation with other pets while in the building.

8.    The pet owner is responsible for any and all damage created as a result of the pet.  This includes repair, replacement and financial responsibility for labor and materials.  Labor is charged at $60/hr.

9.    Each room is inspected after guest departure.  Any damage resulting from the guests pets will be charged to the owners credit card.

10.    Pets should be free of all ticks and fleas.

11.    No pets shall be left unattended in the rooms or any portion of the buildings.

12.    Should any accidents occur, the management should be notified for immediate special cleaning efforts.

13.    Pets should be cleaned off if wet or dirty before entering the building.

14.    There is a $35 pet fee per stay per pet.

15.    Pets are not allowed in the breakfast room

16.   Pets are allowed only in the downstairs rooms.  This includes Grandma's Hideaway, Presbyterian Views and the Admiral's Deck

The pet owner is required to sign a form acknowledging these policies and responsibilities.

My name is ZZZappa. I'm an energetic 7 year old Labrador Retriever.  I like to run, take walks, bark, chase balls, eat, mark my spots, sniff, catch Frisbees, jump and swim.  I like other dogs and I like people too. 

ZZZappa says
"Come visit, there's lots of things to sniff and I want to play with you".


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