Nicholson House Inn
Made in Mendo
Movies made in Mendocino

1904 Caspar Lumber Company  Silent
1916 The Promise   Silent Harold Lockwood, Mary Allison
1919 King Spruce   Silent
1920 The Man Who Dared   Silent Eileen Percy, William Russell
1921 Kindred of the Dust   Silent Miriam Cooper, Ralph Graves
1922 Strange Idols   Silent Dustin Farnum, Philo McCullough
1922 Soul of the Beast   Silent Madge Bellamy, Cullen Landis, Noah Berry, Vola Vale, Burt Sprotte
1922 Timberland Tales Two Reelers  Silent Roy Stewart, Miss Adree Tourneaur
1923 The Signal Tower   Silent Wallace Berry, Rockliffe Fellowes, Virginia Valli
1925 In Search of a Hero   Silent Richard Holt
1943 The Uninvited    Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Gail Russell
1943 Frenchman's Creek    Arturo de Cordova, Joan Fontaine
1947 Johnny Belinda    Charles Bickford, Agness Moorehead, Stepehn McNally
1954 East of Eden    James Dean, Julie Harris, Richard Davalos, Raymond Massey
1954 The Strange Case of Dr. Mesmer
1963 Island of the Blue Dolphins   Martin Garralaga, Alex Montoya, Ann Danie, Celia Kaye
1965 The Russians are Coming   Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint, Alan Arkin, Brian Keith, Johathan Winters,
1966 The Spirit is Willing    Sid Caesar, Vera Miles, Barry Gordon
1969 The Dunwich Horror    Sandra Dee, Ralph Bellamy, Brandon DeWilde, Sam Jaffe, Lloyd buchner
1970 Summer of '42    Jennifer O'Neil, Gary Grimes, Jerry  Houser, Oliver Conant
1970 Is there a Doctor in the House?  Television Rosemary Forsyth, William Windom
1971 Glen & Randa    Steven Curry, Shelly Plimpton
1971 Young Goodman Brown  Educational
1971 The FBI-Bitter Harbor  Television Stephen Brooks, Lynn Loring, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
1972 The New Healers   Television Robert Foxworth, Kate Jackson, Burgess Meredith
1972 Slither     James Caan, Peter Boyle, Sally Kelleman, Louise Lasser
1973 Haunts     May Britt, Cameron Mitchell
1973 "God Bless Grandma & Grandpa" Television Robert Walker
1973 The Runaway on the Rogue River Educational Slim Pickens
1976 Jeremiah of Jacob's Neck  Television Keenan Wynn
1977 The Boy Who Talks To Whales  Television Byrd Baker, Andy Gordon
1978 "Same Time, Next Year"   Alan Alda, Ellen Burstyn
1978 Strangers    Television Bett Davis, Gena Rowlands
1979 Humanoids from the Deep   Ann Turkell, Doug McClure, Tony Penya, Vic Morrow
1980 Dead & Buried    Jack Albertson, James Farentino, Melody Anderson
1982 Cujo     Dee Wallace, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Danny Pintauro, Ed Lauter
1982 Treasure    Videodisc Dory Dean
1983 Racing With The Moon   Elizabeth McGovern, Nicholas Cage, Shawn Penn
1983 Sutter's Bay   Television Granville Van Dusen, Linda Carlson
1984-89   Murder She Wrote   Television Angela Landsbury, Tom Bosdon
1985 Dark Mansions   Television Michael York
1986 Destination America   Television
1986 The Killing Time    Joe Don Baker, Keifer Sutherland, Beau Bridges
1987 Overboard    Goldi Hawn, Kurt Russell, Roddy McDowall, Edward Herrmann
1988 Wired
1989 The Karate Kid-Part III   Pat Morita, Ralph Macchio
1990 Dying Young    Julia Roberts, Campbell Scott, Joel Schumacher
1992 Forever Young    Mel Gibson, Isabel Glasser
1993 Pontiac Moon    Ted Danson, Mary Steenburger
1994 The Haunting of Sea Cliff Inn  Television Ally Sheedy, Billy Moses
1999 The Ball Player, Part of a series on American Journey's on the Discovery Channel. 
Partially filmed at the Nicholson House Inn and featuring the owner, yours truly Dennis McCroskey.
2001  Majestic Jim Carey
2013  Need for Speed