Nicholson House Inn
Nicholson House Inn is always glad to provide discounts to friends, organizations, groups, loyal guests and those that help us.  As such we have developed a number of ways to obtain discounts on your stay with us.   Discounts apply to whatever rates or specials that may be in affect and are in addition to those rates.   If you have a discount authorization, please indicate at the time of making your reservation.  In order to qualify for the discounts, reservations must be made directly with the Nicholson House Inn.  Reservations made through other sources will not receive discounts. 

Groups and Organizations
If you are a company, group, or organization with a number of members who might be interested in group discounts we offer up to a 10% discount depending on the number of anticipated stays.  If you would like to qualify for group discount, email
Please indicate how many people may be interested in staying with us, tell us about your group and when they might be planning to stay.

Currently the following groups shown on the right are eligible for discounts.
Name of Group Discount
DTW Members Your Batting Average
REBL Members Your Batting Average
WCFBL Members Your Batting Average
BB&B SR 10%
Maple Creek Wine Club 10%
Greenwood Ridge Wine Tasting Club 10%

Loyalty Program
If you would like to earn a free stay at the Nicholson House Inn, join the NHI Club.  Stay 10 nights and your next night will be on us or you can upgrade to one of our fancy suites.