Nicholson House Inn
Local Restaurants
If you are interested in dining at local restaurants, we recommend you make your reservations in advance of your arrival.  Week ends and holidays at the restaurants are very busy. Listed below are some of the local eateries we recommend.
955 Restaurant  770-937-1955 
Albion River Inn  707-937-1919 
Cafe Beaujolais  707-937-5614 
Moose Cafe  707-937-4323 
Hill House Restaurant  707-937-0554 
Ledford House Restaurant  707-937-0282 
Little River Inn Restaurant  707-937-5942 
MacCallum House Restaurant  707-937-5763 
Mendocino Cafe  707-937-3016 
Mendocino Hotel Restaurant  707-937-0511 
Paterson's Pub  707-937-4782
Mendocino Bakery  707-937-0836
Tote-Fete 707-937-3383
Mendo Burger 707-937-1111
The Ravens Restaurnt
Lu's Kitchen